Antares Moves to Aqua Mar

October 28, 2007


Welcome to Aqua Mar


Antares at her new home


Views along the river

“Andrew Avenue Bridge… Andrews Avenue Bridge… Andrew Avenue Bridge.. this is the sailing vessel Antares traveling downstream and requesting an opening. Come in, please”


Jeff at the helm cruising down the New River, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

On October 26th we moved Antares to a dock space behind our apartment. This will make the process of getting her ready for cruising and moving aboard easier. The move took a few hours motoring down the Ft. Lauderdale intercoastal . We had to request bridge openings for four bridges along the route. The move went smoothly and slipping into the new dock space was a snap thanks to the boat’s bow thrusters.

Dead Cockroachdead-cockroach.jpg


A view from below

October 21, 2007


Aqua Mar, our temporary home until we move on Antares

Apartment 9

Apartment #9


Antares at a dock space a few miles from the apartment

It only took us 2 days to get this far on our blog. We’re hoping to become a little more efficient.

We sold our house in August, rented back for a month while we enriched the Salvation Army with our valuables. Late in September, Lyle went off to San Francisco State. Dante (sob!) was adopted by Maureen and Glenn Foley, Lyle’s girlfriend Shannon’s parents (the macha tunim).

Early in October we moved to Fort Lauderdale. We stayed with Joel and Vela Potter, (our good friends and yacht brokers) for a while. Then, we lucked into a funky, Florida, fiftyish furnished apartment, with a marina in the backyard, where we hope to move our boat Antares (that’s her in the header) next week.

Antares is an Amel (French!) 53 foot ketch, with everything necessary for 2 old sailors such as ourselves. She has a generator, water maker, microwave, washer/dryer, dishwasher, electric sails, 3 air conditioners and a small outpatient clinic with caregivers. They don’t eat much. We’ll talk more about the boat in later episodes.

It’s the hour of the swallow, so we’ll quit for now. We just wanted to get this posted, to see if it works.