Aqua Mar Residents

November 21, 2007

p1010038.jpgBirds DO fly south for the winter.  This is a yellow cardinal.  He sings beautifully until the flocks of parrots drown out his songs.  He’s also very shy. 
p1010036.jpgSame bird hiding from my camera p1010033.jpgThis iguana took over Antares dock space while she was hauled out.  “Iggie” , such a clever name for an iguana, visits all the boats and leaves “special presents”  

The Haul-Out

November 10, 2007


Out of the water at 7:15 am sharp. Antares is hauled out to get her bottom painted and a few repairs


The man in the foreground is operating the lift by remote controls

November 10, 2007


“On the hard” and the work begins. Estimated date to return to the water, Nov. 14th

Days in Ft. Lauderdale

November 7, 2007

Today we take Antares to a marina to be hauled out , have her bottom painted and a few minor repairs. We’ll go around 2pm at high tide. The bridges close for 2 hours from 4-6pm. Rush Hour

She’ll probably be back in the water next week and then we’ll move aboard.

Jeff and I are studying for a ham license. We take our test on Tuesday. I’m doing every thing I can but study. I just can’t get excited about volts and amps. I think I’ll play solitaire for a couple of hours. Then I’ll study.

November 7, 2007


Banana tree outside my kitchen window