January 1, 2008


No name harbor


Miami River, a bit of old Miami


Miami river


Bascule bridges on the Miami river

Arrived in Miami sailed the whole way from Ft. Lauderdale. It took about 5 hours.


Abstract photos of Christmas boat parade


Christmas boat paradeboat-parade-3.jpg

Boat Parade at Key Biscayne


Merry Christmas from Antareschristmas-1.jpgcape-florida-lighthouse.jpg

Cape Florida Lighthouse……off to the Bahamas


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  1. Dear Phyllis,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I am the artist who paints cats and has been for a LONG time. I still get the newsletter from WASCO, and read it, but that’s about my only involvement with them at the moment. I just am always too busy with my own work.

    I just opened my own gallery, which is kind of exciting. I only have my own artwork in it, and an office for myself, and a small storage/office for my assistant. So, I’m keeping busy!

    I heard you were going on this trip through WASCO. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos just now and will await the next email from your trip. How exciting. I look forward to traveling someday. Not by sailboat, however. My dad owned a 27′ sailboat up until this past year, when he donated it to the Vallejo Yacht Club. He is 87 years old, so he wasn’t sailing much, though it was something he thoroughly enjoyed. I personally don’t like sailing, though in earlier years I went with him once in a while. My sister and brother did as well. However, I haven’t been too interested lately, as I just don’t like going into S.F. bay that much.

    Hope your trip continues to be wonderful. I look forward to seeing more photos. I love photography and always have. Someday I want to incorporate photograhpy and painting together, since I love both of them.

    Take care.

    Claudia Sanchez

  2. chris and kathy said

    Hey Phyllis,
    It’s Kathy and Chris in Antigua. We’re getting hauled here in two weeks. Then we’re back to the States until we return to the West Indies on the 3rd of Feb. Late because of daughter Emily having our first grandchild in early Jan. Where are you two? What are your plans for after hurricane season? How was S. America? (probably find out in your next submission. Send us your email address–I thought we had it, but we don’t. Our email address is
    steppenpooh@hotmail.com Our blogsite is http://www.metcalves.blogspirit.com
    We love your blogsite–the text, photos and drawings/paintings are superb.
    Drop us a line. We miss you. Fair winds
    Kathy and Chris

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