Leaving George Town

March 25, 2008

The blog has been strangely deficient lately. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been too “busy” (read drunk) to type. I’ll try to catch up.
We went “home” to the States for 3 weeks. We saw many of our friends and family, which was great. Special thanks to Steve and Janet, Charlie, Jordy and Cindy, Bruce and Sandy, Marie and John, who put us up, despite my obsessive need to “get everything done”. Next time, we’ll have more time to play, We saw Phyllis’ family in Sacto, and Jeff’s in Fort Lauderdale. We got to see “number one son” Jack in the Haight. We even ate at (ready for a blast from the past) Magnolia’s, which was called Magnolia Thunderpussy and had better food, back in the day. If anyone can tell me the name of Magnolia’s most famous dessert then, they get a special prize from me the next time we se each other (Lyle is eliminated because he knows the prize, and Jack because I’ve already told him the answer).
We went skiing for a week (a vacation from the vacation [eat your hearts out, you working stiffs]). We got to see a lot of Lyle and Shannon, (which was wonderful). We even skied together. Thanks so much to Charlie, for putting on a wonderful party for us at his beautiful house in Healdsburg, where we got to see a lot of the old gang from Ukiah Valley ER. Ditto to the Carneys, where we saw many old Healdsburg friends; Lastly, and only after much soul searching, we went to see Dante at our old (and his current) home in Healdsburg. He looks great, seems very happy, and is sporting a rhinestone collar (on a pit bull!). Thanks so much, George and Jerry for all you’ve done. I’m still willing to convert, but to paraphrase Groucho, I shouldn’t be allowed to join an organization that would accept me as a member..
The trip back and forth was a long story in itself (the moral is fly Bahamas Air if you want to be treated as a real person, but you also want to loose everything). We came back with a ton of boat stuff, which I am just now installing.
Anatares was amazingly intact when we got “home”. Things have changed here in George Town. People are leaving in droves (most heading north to French Canada, [a suburb of a country which isn’t real], but some heading “south” to mysterious places.)
Our plan is to head south. Before doing that, we have to get the boat ready. Mostly, she’s already ready, but we have been convinced by the obsessive/compulsive gods of the seas (that’s you, Joel), that we have more to do. For example:
I have spent the last two days fixing the generator, and installing a new hot water heater. After 2 days of sheer agony, I have fixed the generator (which now actually generates electricity), and have installed the new hot water heater, (which actually makes hot water). The old hot water heater looked nothing like the new one, but I’m sure the new one is better, because Joel (the god of such things) and Ray (the facilitator of such things) told me so.
Because of my extraordinary efforts to comply, it was necessary for me to take large doses of ibubrofen last night, in order to simply be able to get out of bed to pee, another unfortunate necessity of old age. Every time I fix something important on the boat, I do a little jig (think Elaine on Seinfeld, but worse dancing). It makes me feel good, but embar assesses Phyllis.
There’s another front coming through tomorrow. After that, we hope to leave for the Turks and Caicos, the Domican Republic, maybe Puerto Rico, then across the Caribbean to Bonaire or Venezuela. My niece Lara and Aaron plan to join us.
More to come (please send ibuprofen).


This is a photo of our chart plotter as we entered the “third hole” where we stored our boat during a visit to the states. Note: all the areas that aren’t white are “too shallow” for Antares. Also the dashed black and white line is our route (think Hansel and Gretel and breadcrumbs). The scrambled part is where we ran aground.


Mahjong on the beach


Sea sick again