July 2, 2008, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Yeah, we’re still here. Fixing things that can’t be found in this country. Like batteries. The ones we need are $400 each in this country if you can find them and we need 12. We did get our bilge pump from France without incident. That was a surprise. When workers say they’ll show up, they frequently don’t. Manana doesn’t mean tomorrow, it means “not now”.
I’m driven the craziest by the fact that its difficult to move around in this town. It’s too dangerous to walk outside the marina so we have to take a taxi if we want to go anywhere. It’s especially dangerous for a woman to walk around the town alone. We’ve removed all of our jewelry including our wedding rings so we don’t get any fingers chopped off during a robbery. Other than that, it’s a nice enough place . We’ve had some great meals at the restaurants and the people are friendly (the ones that don’t rob you). So far, we haven’t had any cockroaches on the boat but some have joined me in the marina showers. I’m going to kill the hotel’s parrots because they screech all day long. I already have a reputation for murdering parrots. We use the hotel/ marina pool everyday, except on weekends when its full of running, screaming, urinating Venezuelan children . Weekends also include unbearably loud Spanish disco music from nearby restaurants until 3 in the morning and the wake from passing motor yachts knock us off our feet. Other than that, it’s a nice enough place.
As my friend Michelle used to say, “Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah”.
But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Sunday we leave for Buenas Aires! Yeah! Then to Iguazu falls in Argentina . And then to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. I’m bringing an extra duffle bag for shopping. Maybe I can talk Jeff into Tango lessons.

P.S.  I think that my friend Louise and I have amebic  dysentery  .  Other  than that , its’s a nice enough place.

Andy from Uruguay and crew on the boat next to us at Aquavi

“Lulu” an Oyster 63 looking great after her haul-out Owners Gary and Louise

Party boat on the canal….these Venies love to party

“Dream Images” Painting done from pen and ink drawing

Drawing for “Dream Images” Pen and Ink

“Just for Fun” Pen and Ink

“Iguana” Pen and Ink