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13 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Sweetie –

    You gone yet? The gallery Christmas party is at Laura Roney’s house this year – It’s next Tuesday. I’ll bring my computer and if Laura has wi-fi I’ll show everyone your blog. — If not I’ll just tell them about it.

    Is anyone giving you the gallery gossip?

    Charlie and I are about to book a ten-day bareboat trip out of St Lucia with the Moorings. We’re hoping to leave St. Lucia on April 14. That’s the day their rates go down. Our 30th anniversary is April 9.

    I sold a coupla of my Whale paintings last month to an interior designer in Saratoga who’s putting them in a Carmel beach house. Got a really good price for them. I’m feeling real happy and painting again.

    I really like the banana tree. You gonna put this stuff on a website so people can buy it? You should. You can have a caveat that shipping may take awhile. Heck, you might sell stuff for the novelty alone.

    Later – Donna

  2. Patricia said

    Hello Phyllis & Jeff: On returning home New Years’s Eve day, we started retreiving our phone, USPS and e-mail messages from December. Now, on the 3rd, we are still responding and still have not seen bottom.

    We love reading and seeing your blog data. Good that things are going well. Surely you will be able to locate and fix the nagging boat problem.
    You look good on the bike and all that turquoise hue surround, Phyllis.

    I missed the Ch-ms Party, but caught the images on web site. Did you see them?

    Where were we during Dec? We flew to VA & MD, saw the historical sites and had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners with Patricia’s brother & family. It was so wonderful to spend the time with him and his family. A good flight home on New Years Day (on schedule) and drive though SF and on 101 N with virturally little traffic. Now to get back on Pacific time and not wake up at 4:30 AM!

  3. Dear Jeffery and Phyllis,
    We love the blog, the great artwork and the photography.
    So wonderful to be back in touch with you after so many years post-Pelican.
    We’ll be in Maui in March and will dine/drink/play with Margie and Rich.
    You two look fabulous. Phyllis, your hair is gorgeous.
    Lucinda and I are pre-eldering nicely up here in Portland, where it bloody rains alot in the winter.
    Love to you both and keep up the blog.
    xoxoxo, Frank and Lucinda

  4. Bob Barnett said

    Hi all,

    What great pics! You are clearly having a great time!

    Here behind the Ukiah MacD robbing a wireless from the motel next door – doing my “puzzle thing.” The project continues to grow – now send out puzzles to about 85 monthly recipients all over the world – what a hoot it all has been!

    Miss you all!

    Continue to enjoy, as I know you are!


  5. Hi my friend,
    I have been wanting to send you a note since I first heard that you were off…doing wonderful things. Your boat dream has always been one of mine….but alas, may be one of those things in life that is passing thoughts. Seeing the world, I do and happy at that. It does say something when three of Sonoma County watercolorists/teachers all leave the area within a year and a half period! I am in touch with Judy Greenberg regularly. Stay in touch my friend and continue to enjoy life to the fullest.
    You are one of the people that I have always so much admired. Maybe someday we’ll be able to sit down with a glass of wine and share our lives.
    If you ever sail up the Oregon coastline…let us know. We are just over an hours drive of the Pacific!!
    Love, Sylvia

  6. Judy Markoff said

    Hi Guys:
    Just thinking about you because we are having a Passover Seder just for family and I found the book you brought for Lyle who was about Sophia’s age at the time. I’ve copied it and we’ll all use it this year; I also sent it on to Alisa and she sent it to a friend in Milwaukee so its getting a lot of mileage…..just like you! Guess there is no Seder aboard the Antares!!! Drink an extra cup of wine for Elijah….
    We just finished a week of sitting for the girls as Bill and Anita went on their annual trip to Mexico. It worked out great….we took them to “school” every day so we didn’t have them 24/7
    Next week we are meeting the Alisa family in the San Juan Islands for a week. Looking forward to that. All is well here…..still haven’t gotten a Maj game going. Miss you…….Love, Judy & Rick

  7. WOW I love the coolnew painting you bought even though you could have painted something yourself. Lucky niece and nephew to join you for what looks like a fabulous vacation spot. Glad you made it with such ease…..why sell a motor that has been so good to you? We went to Lopez Island, one in the chain of the San Juans in Washington state. Not as exotic as yours but fun to be on the water with Alisa and family. Our big adventure was clam digging and then eating them. We had a great time. We are now enjoying 103 degree weather. Thought of you yesterday because it was the day of the famous Garden Show. Be glad you did it last year. People were fainting from the heat. Saw Joan Wale at WASCO meeting last week. She said your group really misses you and your helpful criticisms. They asked Marge Gray to come for advice. The other group with Sylvia and Taylor still meet at the Plaza art center… your groups live on without you….still no Maj ….I think that is now history. We all miss you. Continue having fun…..Love, Judy

  8. Hi Phillis and Jeffery,
    Great news! Thanks for these wonderful entries. Phyllis if you haven’t considered it already, you might check out some of the online book publishers and make a book or two of your fabulous artwork.
    Just found out my old Sumiki II had made it to the Marquesas then sold there and shipped to Vancouver BC, trucked to Gathersburg MD where she was sold on eBay to a guy from Tennessee. He found me through my blog and asked me some details about her. We’re housesitting for Margie and Rich again in September. Love from Portland, Frank and Lucinda

  9. christine carpenter said

    Maurice just found your blog . It was wonderful to see pictures of you after so many years of not seeing you -I know not that you didn’t try -I am a dreadful letter writer . We are still on Vashon and are trying to sell the boat .You both look so happy and well . The paintings that you have in the blog are really wonderful and I think of you at least once a day when I look at your paintings hanging in the house .Love to you both , we will enjoy you through your letters

  10. concerned sailor said

    We met Jamie too and heard all his stories, among them his Superball win. We googled him and nothing comes true, but he got indicted for Grand Larceny by NY State Attorney General (2004) Eliot Spitzer with regards of his clinic. In Fresh Start Recovery, Inc. On 3/20/06 HHS Office of Inspector General imposed exclusion on Jamie B. Pls check Federal Registry/Vol 71,N. 51/ Thursday March 16 2006. You will find his name under Program Related Convictions pag 13616-17
    Actually his name does not show up in, psychologist list in NYState
    Neither does his name come up in Pro Football and Superball.Or the book he allegedly wrote.
    We think his past his really shade, con-man type.
    This days it is too easy to check sources.

  11. Jose Bastidas said

    Hi Phyllis and Jeff; I hope you remember me I was the guy that you met in Tony Carinos Restaurant in Miami by September 4th or so. I have been looking at your blog and I have to tell you that you guys are amazing. Nice couple, nice boat, nice pictures and good sense of humor. Keep going with your adventures and enjoying life … but let me catch up with the rest of the blog first….I hope to know more about your trips soon. All the best Jose

  12. Lindsay said

    Hi Phyllis & Jeff,

    I am a friend of Frank DiMarco (we worked together on a rather ill-fated TV show). My boyfriend and I are currently in Placencia, Belize, having sailed our 30′ Irwin down from Key West, FL.

    We had originally planned to reach Rio Dulce for the wonderful safe harbor, but as we didn’t leave until early August and the weather was always so good, we never made it.

    So which way will you be headed when you finally head back down through the gorge? What are your plans? If you’re headed this way, we’d love to meet up.


    • phyllisrapp said

      Lindsay, I forgot to reply back to you. Thanks for reading the blog. We’re in Isla Mujeres at Marina Pariso. Are you headed this way. If so, I’ll look for you.

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